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Chugging Along

Hello all! Despite all of life conspiring against me to make me exhausted 24/7, I’ve been working on gamedev whenever I can. Unfortunately there’s not much that’s exciting to show off since most of it is programming, but I do have a few small things to talk about.

Last night, I experimented with DungeonScript, a branch of PuzzleScript that can create 3D games with HTML5, and released a very small game called words are hard but know that i love you. The game features 13 levels in total and only takes a few minutes to play.

The hardest part of the process was trying to figure out how to make the voxels look nice. Drawing in a text editor isn’t really intuitive, and I don’t think that already knowing how to draw art would have helped. Voxels are just kinda weird! But I really enjoyed the process and will probably look into working in DungeonScript again.

Aside from that, I’ve also been making strides in Talk To Me. I plan to overhaul the GUI after I finish putting in the correct sprites, backgrounds, and music in the script. I’m currently at the start of the second half of the game for that, and am working on that as my main priority.

Here’s a preview of the new GUI so far! It looks a lot nicer already, doesn’t it?

That’s about all I can share for now on the gamedev front. Thanks for stopping by!

Unscheduled Update #001

I kept telling myself to write a blog post sooner but here I am, incredibly late again by my own standards because I’m embarrassed at how little newsworthy content I can actually share.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably following my Twitter account.  And let’s be honest, that place is a mess in all senses of the word. Even I lose track of things I say on there as that hellish site is wont to make those who frequent it despair. So I guess here’s a laundry list of things I’ve mentioned that deserve closure:

  • I was unable to submit a #YuriJam2017 entry due to communication difficulties with the team we assembled. A lot of us ended up busier the first month than we thought we would be and the momentum we had going pre-jam dissolved as September went on.
  • Incompatible Species, a Kinetic Novel by Poxni that I designed a GUI for, unfortunately did not meet its Kickstarter goal. The game is still being developed, so I urge you to please continue following the project for more updates.
  • I’m addicted to the Switch version of Stardew Valley. I scream about it day and night. Don’t send help. Actually please send help. I need to work on gamdev.

Speaking of gamedev, Talk To Me by Boop Studios is kicking back into gear after some very rough setbacks that halted development for a few months. I’m bad at keeping secrets but I’ll pretend I haven’t purposely leaked any work-in-progress screenshots on accident. Yeah.

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