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Unscheduled Update #002

Hey folks, long time no see! I’ve been busy running around trying to do a number of things, but I have a few noteworthy to talk about this time.

First and foremost, 8=D~<3 is finally complete! It only took forever and a half to write some hot gay smut ended up being more of a challenge for me to write explicit content with characters I didn’t get a chance to write much else about. As I spent time thinking about my boys, I had already fleshed out whole backstories and bios for them, and realized that a lot of their interactions wouldn’t make sense as a stand-alone story.
As I wrote earlier in my devlog, 8=D~<3 will serve as an optional prequel of sorts to the future visual novel project they will feature in titled The Gay Agenda. It will be a long time before I can begin developing The Gay Agenda, but I’ve already commissioned Johan Faulstich for their visual designs! From left to right: Renaldo, Tristan, and Quinton.

In the near future though, we will indeed be tossing our hat in the ring for NaNoRenO 2018. My husband and I will be developing a light fantasy sim game about short-lived gnomes who live their lives to the fullest in a week. Follow me on Twitter for more details on that as March rolls around.

Don’t forget that I have a Patreon too, by the by. If you’re excited about what I have coming up, consider pledging a buck or two to get the inside scoop. Looking forward to seeing you around!

Unscheduled Update #001

I kept telling myself to write a blog post sooner but here I am, incredibly late again by my own standards because I’m embarrassed at how little newsworthy content I can actually share.

If you’re reading this, you’re probably following my Twitter account.  And let’s be honest, that place is a mess in all senses of the word. Even I lose track of things I say on there as that hellish site is wont to make those who frequent it despair. So I guess here’s a laundry list of things I’ve mentioned that deserve closure:

  • I was unable to submit a #YuriJam2017 entry due to communication difficulties with the team we assembled. A lot of us ended up busier the first month than we thought we would be and the momentum we had going pre-jam dissolved as September went on.
  • Incompatible Species, a Kinetic Novel by Poxni that I designed a GUI for, unfortunately did not meet its Kickstarter goal. The game is still being developed, so I urge you to please continue following the project for more updates.
  • I’m addicted to the Switch version of Stardew Valley. I scream about it day and night. Don’t send help. Actually please send help. I need to work on gamdev.

Speaking of gamedev, Talk To Me by Boop Studios is kicking back into gear after some very rough setbacks that halted development for a few months. I’m bad at keeping secrets but I’ll pretend I haven’t purposely leaked any work-in-progress screenshots on accident. Yeah.

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