A playful evening turns into a nightmare when Chūntáo (春桃) and QíngGē (情歌) are goaded on by some of the other girls to wander into a cemetery at nightfall. The earth is disturbed and the fog sets in, separating the two. As the jiāngshī rise, so too does their dread.

Will they live to see the morning sun?

JUMPSCARE is a short horror game made for YuriJam18 developed in DungeonScript, a 3D engine based off of PuzzleScript. This is my second attempt at making a game in DungeonScript, and my goal in development was to test the limits of the engine. While there were a lot of things I could not implement – such as picking up items with which you could combat the jiāngshī – it seems that it’s not outside the realm of possibility to make an actual hack-n-slash dungeon crawler in DungeonScript. Whether or not I’ll actually do that in the near future is up in the air.

Thank you for your time, and Happy Halloween!